To the attention of dear patients, relatives and observers!

When you come to our clinic to use the MRI service, we need to know the presence or absence of metal objects in your body before the MRI scan in the registration window. Some of them may pose a threat to the patient's health and interfere with the medical examination. Please read this form carefully.

Are the following items present in your body?

-Cardiac stimulant

- Clamps of the vessels of the brain or other vessels

-Ear implant or hearing aid

-Artificial drop or orbital implant

-Electrostimulator of nerves or bones

-Any magnetic stimulator

- Scrap, bullet, shrapnel, tattoo

-Vascular implant, cava filter, spiral embolus, injectors

-Artificial orthopedic prosthesis and other accessories

-Artificial heart valve, shunts, stents

-Dentures, bridges

-At the same time, there is pregnancy (a question for women)

-Uterine spiral (question for women)

Do not take with you: any electronic devices, telephone, remote control, watches, bank cards, magnetic travel cards, removable dentures, hairpins, metal keys and coins, jewelry, belts, glasses and any metal objects!